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Nourishing Henna


Nourishing Henna

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Divino’s nourishing henna contains Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Brahmi and Multani Mitti. This extraordinary blend is rich in anti-oxidants which not only repairs your damaged hair cells but also protect your existing hair cells from further damage. It gives twinkling and soft furry hairs and also helps in removing dandruff scalp. These anti-oxidants lessen the rate of hair thinning, by removing harmful free radicals, which surrounds our hair bulbs. Henna not only adds a soft colour to hair when applied, it also has strengthening and conditioning benefits. Amla powder darkens the hair, which is helpful for covering any grey, while Shikakai has strong cleansing and detangling properties. Brahmi is an excellent hair growth promoter. It’s regenerative properties help repair hair follicles as well as strengthen the scalp tissue to encourage healthy hair growth. This makes it an ideal hair pack for people with oily scalps as it helps clean your hair without drying out the natural oils.


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One of the most popular beauty ingredients in India, henna has been taking care of most of our hair troubles since the times of yore. Women all over the country have been reaping the benefits of their mothers and grandmothers’ advice by applying henna to their hair for years, if not centuries. Apart from being a fabulous ingredient to naturally dye hair, henna is also known to strengthen, condition and nourish the tresses from deep within. While the leaves of this plant were used for hair care traditionally, the modern Indian woman uses henna powder instead to get the same benefits. Here is all you need to know about henna, and how to use it in your beauty regimen.

Henna boosts hair growth:-

The natural properties of henna help promote hair growth exponentially. The powder form of this ingredient can also be used to create an essential oil that nourishes and promotes hair growth.

It can help reduce hair fall:-

Henna directly affects the scalp, assisting in improving follicle health. This helps curb hair fall, and also prevents and corrects hair thinning.

It conditions your hair:-

When combined with hydrating ingredients such as eggs, henna makes a great conditioner. All you need to do is apply a henna hair pack on for a short period of time to ensure that your hair feels silky smooth for days on end.

It can help prevent dandruff:-

Henna helps remove excess grease and dirt from your scalp, including dandruff. Using mehendi regularly on to your hair not only cures dandruff problems, it also prevents them from coming back.

It can control scalp itchiness:-

Henna has natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties that work to cool and soothe your scalp, controlling scalp itchiness in the process.

It’s a natural hair dye:-

One of its most obvious uses, henna makes a fabulous hair dye. Not only is it a great natural alternative to the otherwise chemical options available readily in the markets, it is also healthier for your hair, and cost-effective for your wallet.

It can make your hair thick and lustrous:-

The tannin present in henna actually binds with the hair to make it stronger, and does not even penetrate the hair cortex, ensuring minimum damage. This ensures thicker, lustrous hair with each application.


Henna for Conditioning(Hair Pack):-

Mix with warm Water, Yoghurt, Egg, or Methi (Fenugreek), per preference. Apply on your hair, and leave on for 60 minutes or more, depending on preferred intensity. Rinse thoroughly, repeating as many times as you need. After, oil your hair lightly for added gloss and shine.

Henna for Dyeing:

  • Soak the Henna in Tea Water or Coffee Water overnight. Add only a dash of Lemon Juice if you wish.
  • On the next day, apply the paste on clean, product-free hair for 60 – 90 minutes, depending on the intensity you prefer.
  • Rinse thoroughly, repeating as many times as you intuitively need.


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